Friday, November 13, 2009

Who Left The Dogs Out?

On Glenn Beck's radio show yesterday he broke the stunning news that the health care bill being debated in congress would insure not only every man, woman and child, but also man's best friend.

Yes. Dogs. 
How many you ask?

Is Glenn Beck a liar you ask? So far, the best Beck has ever done on any claim is "half true," and only once at that. Plus, since Republicans already tackled this issue back in September with uncanny compassion, we might be asking the wrong questions here.

The better question is why does Glenn Beck not want to provide health care to our furry canine companions? Dogs! The most popular pet in America! Dogs represent unquestioning loyalty, strength, justice and independence. These are the very ideals America was built upon. Why does Glenn Beck hate dogs? And far more importantly, why does Glenn Beck hate America?

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